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Safer Road User and Safety Vehicles - 2012 (M)

Seven month pilot project in Dar es Salaam for the training of 700 hundred unlicensed and new taxi drivers, supported by a campaign on reflector stickers for night vision ,helmet usage, reinforcement of three wheeler canopy and installation of safety belts.

Vehicle simulators for driver training to improve road safety - 2012 (M)

An educational programme to improve the quality of drivers and support the creation of a scientific driver education system in Western India.

Double A Project: Attention and Action Programme for Action for Road Safety - 2012 (M)

A project to monitor the behaviour of motor vehicle users, followed by national promotional and educational campaigns on safe driving.

Groote Eylandt - Road and Driver Development Project in The Northern Territory Government - 2012 (M)

A unique pilot project to deliver indigenous driver training, licencing and road safety education to overcome barriers of remoteness, culture and discrimination.

CAMS Ignition - Asia Pacific - 2012 (M)

An educational programme for 12 to 18 year old learner and pre-learner drivers, including a workshop for adults and parents to ensure they are aware of road safety issues.

Accelerate your experience and get safer - 2012 (M)

An educational programme to provide novice drivers a framework that will allow them to gain a certain driving experience in an environment where risks are limited.

Road Safety for School children in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2012 (M)

A road safety campaign for school children, involving road traffic education lectures, quizzes, dissemination of informational-educational materials aimed at educating of the youngest traffic participants.

Educational programme for children - 2012 (M)

A road safety education campaign for school children developed through the method "learning by experiencing".

Senior Drivers training - 2012 (M)

An awareness and prevention process for seniors drivers to conduct them towards a self analysis of their knowledge and competence to drive.

"On-board rescue sheet" - development and coordination in different European countries - 2012 (M)

"On-board Rescue Sheet" to put vital information, currently not available inside vehicles, all over Europe.

Educational Program for Members of Parliament - 2012 (M)

A road safety presentation delivered to Members of Parliament.

Protect your child from dangers on road & Road Safety campaign SAFE & EDUCATED - 2012 (M)

An informative campaign on the danger of not using child restraint systems and an educational campaign on traffic rules for school chidren and teachers.

Speed is a Profession - 2012 (M)

A speed awareness campaign and training in a two day course with the Norwegian Armed Forces , demonstrating the risk of speeding in a safe environment.

One Safety Minute - 2012 (M)

A cartoon show on road safety, to be broadcast twice a day Monday to Friday on national open signal TV.

One Second for your life! - 2012 (M)

Set-up of 50 laboratories for traffic education in 30 schools in Romania for pupils between 7 and 15

The AA Charitable Trust Drive Worldwide Campaign - 2012 (M)

Two courses, Drive Smart and Drive Safe, to develop a template to roll out internationally for safe driving and road safety.

Why do older drivers have more "failed to look" crashes - a similator based study - 2012 (M)

Creation of a source of information on older driver behaviour with a specific focus on the most common form of crash experienced with this group.

Bike Safety Campaign Kit - 2012 (M)

An educational project to instruct members on safe cycling practices while encouraging positive cooperation between cyclists and motorists.

The Jamaica Automobile Action Project - 2012 (M)

An educational programme to involve young people in the road safety agenda, leading in turn to a decrease in fatalities for all road users.

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Travelling Road Unit for Traffic Accident Prevention - 2012 (M)

A training programme for children between 6 and 17 years on road safety education.

The Road Safety School Bus Peru - 2012 (M)

A public awareness and educational campaign aimed at teaching 33,000 children per year on how to be a better pedestrian, passenger, cyclist and/or future driver.