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CALL FOR S- Projects APPLICATIONS: MyWorld2015

Last year, the FIA promoted the participation of Clubs in the UN Global Road Safety Week dedicated to pedestrian safety and the development of Long Short Walk initiatives through the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme.

Many of you enthusiastically embraced this initiative, contributing with ground-breaking projects and impactful events confirming the role of FIA Member Clubs as global road safety advocates.

We are delighted to announce that our first call for applications for S-projects 2014 will be open from March 10th till March 31st. We look forward to hearing about your project plans!


In Moscow in 2009 the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety called upon the adoption of a Decade of Action, officially proclaimed on March 2010.

In 2015 we reach the half-way point of this important path. In light of this anniversary the UN is consulting on priorities for the post-2015 global policy framework, through a survey. You have recently received a model letter to be brought to the attention of you national Government for the inclusion of Road Safety in their agendas. We want to ensure that Road Safety is included also in the international agenda.

“MY World 2015” is a global survey asking citizens to choose their priorities for a better world. Results will be shared with world leaders and will be important for setting the next global development agenda and its lead by the UN.

To achieve this important goal together, the FIA earmarked 100 000 euro for the creation of Club-lead events and campaigns in support of the MyWorld2015 initiative.


Support the sign-ups of the UN My World 2015 survey by asking club members and citizens to vote for “better roads & transport” though this link: http://walksafe.myworld2015.org.

We need to reach 100.000 sign-ups globally.

Your proposal

We encourage all Clubs to participate with initiatives such as the organization of media Road Safety events, Road Safety exhibitions, “Long Short Walk”events promoting the signing of the survey, national campaigns embedding and promoting MyWorld2015.

All awarded events will run through the month of May, in honor of the UN Decade of Action launch anniversary.

As per the S-track projects guidelines Clubs can apply for a maximum of 5 000 euro per project.

Working together we can have enormous influence on keeping road safety as a global Sustainable Development Goal for the longer term.

Please click here to download the Campaign Toolkit

About the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme

Founded in 2012, the Grant Programme awarded to date 2 078 353 € in support of the Road Safety Projects all over the world. The FIA Road Safety Grant Programme received 293 applications from over 100 Clubs from 90 countries in all four FIA Regions. 93 innovative road safety initiatives have been started in over 50 countries: awareness campaigns, educational programs and trainings, vulnerable road users' protection, conferences, events and workshops, road infrastructure safety information and vehicle inspection programs.

In May 2011 the United Nations launched the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. The project's goal is to save five million lives and reduce road-related injuries by 50 million worldwide over the next 10 years. To support this landmark project, the FIA created the Action for Road Safety Programme to support the UN programme through its global network of motoring and touring clubs and its involvement with motor sports. The FIA Foundation welcomed this initiative and agreed to fund the FIA Strategic Road Safety Programme with an endowment of 1 million EUR per annum.

It’s time to put your Club on the map! – please click here to download the FIA Grant Programme brochure.

2014 FIA Road Safety Grant Programme awardees
FIA-Michelin for Action for Road Safety awardees