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contactIn May 2011 the United Nations launched the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. The project's goal is to save five million lives and reduce road-related injuries by 50 million worldwide over the next 10 years.

To support this landmark project, the FIA created the Action for Road Safety programme. As a leader in international road safety, the FIA is supporting the UN programme through its global network of motoring and touring clubs and its involvement with motor sports. The FIA will support Clubs in the coordination and development of suitable strategies, policies and initiatives creating means to exchange information, knowledge and best practices, as well as creating opportunities for Clubs to promote the interests of all road users through road safety improvements. The FIA Foundation welcomed this initiative and agreed to fund two FIA Strategic Programmes on Road Safety and Capacity Building with an endowment of 1.5 million EUR per annum. The funding began in 2012 and is guaranteed through 2014, with an option for extension. A substantial amount of these funds will be made available to Clubs for eligible programmes.