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Boda Boda Training - 2013 (M)

Continuation of 2012 project to train professional two-and three-wheeler drivers.

"Be Safe" Pedestrian Campaign - 2013 (M)

A collaboration with five municipalities for distribution of training materials in kindergartens by volunteers and professional trainers.

“Safe Walk to School: ask the children and call for action” - 2013 (M)

In the framework of the Road Safety Week,a drawing competition in schools to raise awareness of road safety for school children.

Theatre at schools for Road Safety - 2013 (M)

A series of lectures in schools on road casualties, accompanied by a theatre performance called “Maxaca” (Family) with 13 to 16 performers.

“Short Walk with school children” - 2013 (M)

A “Short Walk” with school children with the objective of creating awareness of the risks pedestrians are exposed to when using the road, promotion of safe road user behaviour, and reminding drivers of the rights of pedestrians.

The “Children Traffic Club” - 2013 (M)

Lessons to promote peer-to-peer road safety training with the aim of training 100 students of different ages from 10 schools to equip them to teach road safety to their peers.

La sécurité des piétons - 2013 (M)

An initiative in the schools of 24 governorates where pupils will be trained by the local police on pedestrian crossings and will receive reflectors, posters and stickers on road safety.

“Pedestrian Safety Road Show” - 2013 (M)

A roadshow to raise awareness on pedestrian safety by targeting members of the public in the CBD.

Pedestrian Safety - Our Goal - 2013 (M)

Development of a schools programme to educate drivers and enhance marketing.

Vehicle simulators for driver training to improve road safety - 2012 (M)

An educational programme to improve the quality of drivers and support the creation of a scientific driver education system in Western India.

Road users behaviour modification’ - 2013 (M)

A short movie production seeking behavioral modification, envisaging two films, in the four regional South Indian languages.

Pedestrian Road Safety - 2013 (S)

A kid's day at the WCIM institute for training & fun activities, with the main objective to reach the entire family with the ultimate aim of reducing accidents.

Pedestrian Safety Week - 2013 (S)

Training & fun games for children at Traffic Park with an accompanying communication strategy urging the mass media to view pedestrian safety as a social responsibility.

Second UN Global Road Safety Week - 2013 (S)

A project involving booklet distribution, banners, face to face Interaction with pedestrians and volunteers to guide them.

Increasing awareness on ‘right of way for pedestrians at Pedestrian Crossings’ - 2013 (S)

A pedestrian awareness campaign with posters and banners for display at vantage points.

Second UN Global Safety Week - 2013 (S)

A workshop at school level in collaboration with local police authorities, supported by distribution of leaflets & banners with safety messages.

Double A Project: Attention and Action Programme for Action for Road Safety - 2012 (M)

A project to monitor the behaviour of motor vehicle users, followed by national promotional and educational campaigns on safe driving.

Groote Eylandt - Road and Driver Development Project in The Northern Territory Government - 2012 (M)

A unique pilot project to deliver indigenous driver training, licencing and road safety education to overcome barriers of remoteness, culture and discrimination.

CAMS Ignition - Asia Pacific - 2012 (M)

An educational programme for 12 to 18 year old learner and pre-learner drivers, including a workshop for adults and parents to ensure they are aware of road safety issues.

Youth for Road Safety in Nepal - 2013 (M)

An awareness campaign among road users, to change road use behaviour.

Road Safety goes to school - 2013 (M)

A programme to promote nationwide road safety in classrooms and schoolyards, covering both theory and practical sessions.

UN Global Road Safety Week Singapore - 2013 (S)

A multi-day approach to encourage road safety awareness amongst child pedestrians and drivers on a major housing estate.

Walk Safely - 2013 (S)

"Road safety Programme for All" dedicated to pedestrian safety with the objective of reducing casualties among road users and pedestrians.

Accelerate your experience and get safer - 2012 (M)

An educational programme to provide novice drivers a framework that will allow them to gain a certain driving experience in an environment where risks are limited.

Walk safe: the safety corner - 2013 (S)

A road safety media corner , either at the starting point of the Long Short Walk or the end of the walk.

Road Safety for School children in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2012 (M)

A road safety campaign for school children, involving road traffic education lectures, quizzes, dissemination of informational-educational materials aimed at educating of the youngest traffic participants.

Educational programme for children - 2012 (M)

A road safety education campaign for school children developed through the method "learning by experiencing".

Senior Drivers training - 2012 (M)

An awareness and prevention process for seniors drivers to conduct them towards a self analysis of their knowledge and competence to drive.

"On-board rescue sheet" - development and coordination in different European countries - 2012 (M)

"On-board Rescue Sheet" to put vital information, currently not available inside vehicles, all over Europe.

Onboard Rescue-Sheet - 2013 (M)

Continuation of the 2012 project to put the “On-Board Rescue Sheet “ inside vehicles all over Europe.

Protect your child from dangers on road & Road Safety campaign SAFE & EDUCATED - 2012 (M)

An informative campaign on the danger of not using child restraint systems and an educational campaign on traffic rules for school chidren and teachers.

Dangers of Unsafe Repaired Vehicle - 2013 (M)

A campaign to make the public aware of the dangers of on unsafe vehicles on Lithuania’s roads.

Speed is a Profession - 2012 (M)

A speed awareness campaign and training in a two day course with the Norwegian Armed Forces , demonstrating the risk of speeding in a safe environment.

One Safety Minute - 2012 (M)

A cartoon show on road safety, to be broadcast twice a day Monday to Friday on national open signal TV.

Students' Drive Camp - 2013 (M)

An informative campaign for young people before they attain their driving license in a practical, sustainable way, and adapted to local needs, cultural and social contexts.

One Second for your life! - 2012 (M)

Set-up of 50 laboratories for traffic education in 30 schools in Romania for pupils between 7 and 15

The AA Charitable Trust Drive Worldwide Campaign - 2012 (M)

Two courses, Drive Smart and Drive Safe, to develop a template to roll out internationally for safe driving and road safety.

Why do older drivers have more "failed to look" crashes - a similator based study - 2012 (M)

Creation of a source of information on older driver behaviour with a specific focus on the most common form of crash experienced with this group.

Smartphone technology to support young driver training - 2013 (M)

The development of a new training package for novice drivers as a ‘proof of concept’, involving parents in young drivers' early driving with smartphone-based monitoring and feedback to support a graduated licensing approach and telematics-based insurance.

Road Safety must start with children - 2013 (M)

A series of "Road Safety Shows/Road Safety Days" focused on pre-school and school children, presenting road safety topics in an unusual, amusing and active show.

AKK Moped School - 2013 (M)

A three-phase training programme for young drivers covering both theory and practice sessions.

Light Motorcycle Safety - 2013 (M)

A research project investigating the latest technologies to improve safety for motorcycle users with subsequent training courses for them on better understanding and use of the technologies.

A short safe walk in the traffic of your city - 2013 (S)

ACI experts and sport champions to accompany primary school pupils on a pleasant/educational walk along the streets of historical Rome with guidance on how to safely use the roads and pedestrian crossings.

Safe cycling network - 2013 (M)

The development of proactive toolkits for road authorities to improve their road infrastructure in a way that meets the most recent road safety requirements for (elderly) cyclists and new vehicles.

Safer Roads: Investment Plan for Catalonia - 2013 (M)

A communication strategy for a plan of road improvements for 5500 Km of the road network in the Catalonia region.

Safety of Seniors’ Mobility - 2013 (M)

An informative project for seniors to mitigate the risk and the number of fatalities and injuries on roads.

Road Safety National Campaign - 2013 (M)

A campaign promoting the FIA – Action for Road Safety strategy covering the most important cities of Spain with the collaboration of councils, with a specific focus on high-risk collectives’ age groups: children, youth and the elderly.

Portable Traffic Polygon - 2013 (M)

An awareness campaign for children's safe participation in traffic, through both theory and practical knowledge.

FAST but SAFE - 2013 (M)

An advanced driver training project for members of the Police Forces.

Vehicles inspection - 2013 (M)

A campaign drawing motorists' attention to the risks and dangers of cars not in technical order, run in parallel with free vehicle testing in various Latvian cities with a mobile van.

Safety for senior drivers in Latvia - 2013 (M)

A project aimed at drawing public attention to elderly drivers and to encourage seniors to evaluate their abilities for continued full-fledged participation on the roads.

SOS Children Villages join the UN Global Road Safety Week - 2013 (S)

Children of the SOS Children's Villages draw their daily way to school, raising awareness of the possible difficulties and dangers of being in traffic as pedestrians.

Pedestrians+drivers= roadsafety partnership - 2013 (S)

The project aims to reduce pedestrian deaths and injuries on the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in Minsk. It also seeks to improve road safety consciousness through an awareness campaign and to create a platform for partnership between pedestrians and drivers.

MAK Road Safety Events During the Second UN Global Road Safety Week - 2013 (S)

A series of road safety events in Szeged, a cultural and university center, to draw attention to the importance of pedestrians’ safety in traffic.

UN Road Safety Week in Moldova - 2013 (S)

A programme of activities to raise pedestrian awareness and mark the UN Global Road Safety Week.

UN Global Safety Week Event for citizens of Zielona Góra city and surroundings - 2013 (S)

A special event for citizens of Zielona Góra city focussing on the safety of pedestrians with police and teachers showing how to walk safely in and outside the city.

Bike Safety Campaign Kit - 2012 (M)

An educational project to instruct members on safe cycling practices while encouraging positive cooperation between cyclists and motorists.

Seniors Driving - 2013 (M)

In partnership with the Canadian Medical Association, the production of a dedicated website for both senior drivers and their adult children, aimed at helping seniors cope with declining driving skills, and at helping the adult children of aging parents support them.

The Jamaica Automobile Action Project - 2012 (M)

An educational programme to involve young people in the road safety agenda, leading in turn to a decrease in fatalities for all road users.

Circuito Pequeno Guardian de la Seguridad Vial FIA - 2013 (M)

An educational project to teach the child as a driver, passenger and pedestrian about road safety, covering seat belts, child seats, ascent and descent, the opposite side of the traffic flow and safety locks.

Travelling Road Unit for Traffic Accident Prevention - 2012 (M)

A training programme for children between 6 and 17 years on road safety education.

Road Safety Project for pedestrians - 2013 (S)

A campaign to educate and train drivers and pedestrians through activities aimed at reducing incidents.

The Road Safety School Bus Peru - 2012 (M)

A public awareness and educational campaign aimed at teaching 33,000 children per year on how to be a better pedestrian, passenger, cyclist and/or future driver.

Responsibility Means Life - 2013 (M)

A 1330 square feet mobile park placed in schools under ACC team supervision where kids will assume roles as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers and using safe, playful activities to learn about road risks.

I want to feel free, I promise - 2013 (M)

An educational programme focusing on road safety best practices and postcrash and run in cooperation with the UNITRAN Foundation, the National Road Safety Unit, and the PanAmerican Health Organization.

Pedestrian road safety - 2013 (S)

An active campaign displayed on the streets to all pedestrians on the “wrong way and the safe way “ to cross roads, given that 50 per cent of road fatalities in the country are pedestrians.

Traffic Calming Project/ Artistic Crosswalks in high risk crossings - 2013 (S)

A project to strengthen road safety efforts by installing three artistic crosswalks on the most dangerous intersections in Curridabat.

Reflective decal stickers and project with Minister of Education in schools to raise awareness - 2013 (S)

The distribution of 20, 000 reflective decals in Nicaragua to motorcycles owners, bike owners, horse carriages, cow carriages, run with the support of the police department.