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Yearly advocacy campaign: media events or initiatives in support of global actions. The FIA allocates up to 200 000 € yearly for projects. Clubs will be able to apply for a maximum ceiling of 5 000 € per campaign.

Streets for life, #LOVE30

In 2021, the Global Action stream will support the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week which focuses on speed.

Building upon on the Stockholm Declaration, a targeted campaign focused on 30KM/H speeds in sensible areas will act as the rallying point for the global road safety community to accelerate action and reduce the number of fatalities caused by road traffic injury.

According to WHO, speed has been identified as a key risk factor in road traffic injuries, influencing both the risk of a road crash as well as the severity of injuries that result from road crashes. The goal of the Week is to generate a demand from the FIA Members for stronger leadership for road safety worldwide.

With this campaign, we plan to build momentum for policy change through accountability and community, and to highlight success support, and success stories from different countries at the Road Safety high-level meeting planned in 2022. FIA Clubs have a vital role to play mobilising decision-makers and the community

The FIA Road Safety Grants Programme has committed €200,000 in support of the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week which will be held from 17-23 May 2021. Clubs are invited to implement advocacy initiatives that promote messages of the 6th UN road Safety Week. All FIA Member Clubs are invited to submit one proposal for up to 5 000€ per Global Action project.

The FIA make available a Toolkit with messaging, logos and recommended activities to be implemented (e.g. open letters, in-country petitions, commitment tracking, poster campaigns, etc).

Please note that given the short notice between the end of the call for applications and the launch of the 6th Global Road Safety Week, Clubs interested in implementing a Global Action project should get prepared to implement it quickly.

More information about the requirements and materials available will be communicated in March via email, on the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme’s dedicated website: and on the Un road Safety Week website :