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Yearly advocacy campaign: media events or initiatives in support of global actions. The FIA allocates up to 200 000 € yearly for projects. Clubs will be able to apply for a maximum ceiling of 5 000 € per campaign.

This is My Street

FIA Road Safety Grant Programme - 2020 Global Action: theme revealed

This year, the FIA will invite its Member Clubs to promote initiatives aimed at supporting the This is My Street campaign. This is My Street is an advocacy campaign for safe and healthy journeys launched and coordinated by the FIA Foundation. It aims to build and amplify support to advance its core mission with target audiences, using clear and empowering messaging and activities.
This is My Street is calling on global leaders to put the health, rights, and futures of young people at the top of the agenda, prioritizing policies for safer streets.
This is My Street will offer an opportunity for Clubs to encourage governments to take up actions discussed and agreed during the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Sweden in February 2020. Following this conference, there will be a Resolution at the United Nations which will call for accelerated and sustained action to reduce road traffic injuries through to 2030. Our joint effort will generate a “Global Action” to support this agenda.
In order to assist its Member Clubs, the FIA will allocate up to €200,000 for the 2020 Global Action stream of the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme. Based on a first-come, first-served principle, Members will be eligible to apply for funding up to €5,000.
The call for applications will be open from 3rd of February to 3rd of March, 2020. All activities should be organized and held in May 2020.

Clubs who already registered for the last Transformation call for applications will not need to register again and can use their existing account details. Those who did not register in the last Transformation call for applications will have to register by completing the online registration form on the portal.

Further information regarding the application process and detailed criteria are available on the link below: